Kid-Friendly Search Engines
 Age/Grade Level Link   Description

All ages

Google-powered web, images, news and video search that filters inappropriate content. Sites for kids are at the top of search results, followed by easy-to-understand results and relevant, safe results targeted at adults
1st-5th grade
  Keyword search designed by a librarian

2nd-8th grade
   Search engine for 35,000 research-based sites
K-8th grade
   Government search and activity portal for grade school students

PK-3rd grade
   Google-based, kid-designed search engine that locates sites designed for children and filters inappropriate content

1st-5th grade   Google-based web, image, video and wiki search that filters inappropriate content. Also contains links and guides for internet safety

2nd-8th grade
   Primary source, encyclopedia, research and image database for educational use

4th-8th grade
   Primary source archive search and explore

2nd-8th grade

 Multifaceted computational search engine that can help with homework, calculations and questions about how things work

1st-8th grade  Properly attributed, Creative Commons images free for educational use
1st-8th grade
   Free, copyright-friendly pictures for educational use