These slideshows were made in PowerPoint 2008 by 2nd grade students in 2018. 
Slides that contained personal information (e.g. last names) have been edited or removed before being posted here. 
The original files in the ASCS computer lab have not been changed.

To view:
Scroll down and click on your child's name.
To edit (using Google Slides):
Log in to Google Drive
Open slideshow below
Click File>Make a copy
To edit (using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Open Office):
Click File>Download as>Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) [for PowerPoint or Keynote]
or ODP Document (.odp) [for Open Office]
Displaying Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.54.03 PM.png
Note: if you are not using PowerPoint 2008, you may need to show your child how to add images/clip art.

Power Points 2018