Software Challenge
 Prezi Next
password: ComputerApps

Use Prezi Next to make a guide that explains how to do something. 

To turn in: Email a link to your Prezi to Mrs. Perrier. 

Double Exposure
Vanity License Plate


Pick one of the two tutorials (double exposure or vanity license plate) and make your image in Pixlr.

To turn in: Email your image to Mrs. Perrier. 
 How to Create a Tour in Google Earth
Google Earth: Click start and type "earth"


Make a themed tour in Google Earth. Your theme might be based on a trip you took, historical events, a book you read, or a type of landform or building. 

To turn in: Show Mrs. Perrier your tour before the end of class or email your .kmz file to her.


Make either 1 long (2 minutes+) or 3 short (30 sec) songs using Soundation. 
Each song should have at least 5 layers.

To turn in: export your song(s) as a .wav file and email to Mrs. Perrier

To get to Stykz: Click Start, then search "Stykz"


 Make an animation using Animate or Stykz. 

To turn in: export your animation as a .gif or .mov and email it to Mrs. Perrier.
 Game Lab / AppLab Rubric

Make a simple game or app (if you aren’t familiar with JavaScript, scroll down and Remix an existing game or app instead of trying to make one from scratch).

To turn in: click the “Share” button and email the link provided to Mrs. Perrier

 Homestyler Rubric

Design a house or apartment with all the necessary features.

To turn in: take a screenshot and email it to Mrs. Perrier (