Programming Tutorials

Programming Tools
AppLab (Javascript)
GameLab (Javascript)

Graphic Design
Pixabay (free photo source)

Physical Computing
Circuit Playground Arduino board (ask Mrs. Perrier)
Lego NXT kit (ask Mrs. Perrier)
NXT Programs (Lego NXT Robotics)
Danny's LAB (Lego NXT Robotics)

Animation & Video
Stykz (it's on your computer)
MovieMaker (it's on your computer) (3d modeling and animation)
iPad/greenscreen (ask Mrs. Perrier)
GoPro (ask Mrs. Perrier)


Project Process
1. Look for inspiration (20 minutes max)
2. Do some research, make a plan, submit a proposal (30 minutes max)
3. Work on your project (4 classes max)
4. Get feedback and refine your project (1 class max)
5. Submit your project/reflection (20 minutes max)

Can I...
play games? No.
listen to music? As long as it doesn't distract you.
chat/email with friends? Only with specific permission from Mrs. Perrier.
abandon my project? Sure, just come up with a new one.
use resources that aren't on this page? Absolutely.
work with a partner? Ask Mrs. Perrier.

Projects must go beyond tutorials/hour of code
Example: starting with a Lego NXT tutorial, then adapting both the code and the robot to make something unique.
Projects must have a creative component
You can use others' ideas and guidance, but the final project needs to be your own creative product.
Projects must have a technical component
Graphic design, coding, editing videos, or using advanced software count. Basic drag-and-drop stuff doesn't .
Projects must take at least one full class period
Be sure to research, plan, get feedback, refine, and reflect on your project.
You must complete at least two projects
Projects are worth 10 points times the number of classes you worked on them. a 2.5 day project=25 points.
If you work with a partner, your project must be twice as good.
Partners who aren't working well together will have to complete the project separately.

Wednesday 9:55 am to 10:40 am.
Dates: 4/4  4/11  4/18  4/25  5/2  5/9  5/16