Where is my typing homework?
    You can complete your typing homework by logging in to Typing.com and working on lessons.
How much typing do I have to do each week?
    You need to complete 30 minutes of typing practice every week.
When does the week start? When does it end?
    The week starts Monday morning and ends Sunday night.
How do I know how much time I have completed?
    You can see the exact amount of time you have typed by clicking on "Scoreboard" and then "Most Active." The scoreboard starts over every Sunday night.
Do games count toward my typing time?
    No, Typing.com only counts lessons and tests toward your typing time.
What will my grade be?
    There are three possible grades for this assignment:
    25/25: if you did 30 minutes or more
    10/25: if you did some homework but didn't finish all 30 minutes
    0/25: if you didn't make an effort to do homework outside of class
I had an emergency this week and couldn't do my homework.
    Just let Mrs. Perrier know or have a parent email her and she will take care of it.
I didn't do all of my homework! Can I do extra credit?
    Yes! You can make up missing or incomplete homework by typing chapters from the book of Proverbs in the Bible to earn bonus points.
    1 chapter=20 bonus points
    1/2 chapter=10 bonus points
If I typed for an hour last week, can I skip this week?
    Typing homework is about practicing a new skill, just like you would practice basketball or piano. 
     You have to practice 30 minutes every week, even if you did extra the week before.
What does WPM mean?
    Words Per Minute. It's a way of saying how fast you can type.
What is a good typing speed?
    By the end of fourth grade, you should be able to type at least 10 WPM. The average middle school student can type more than 20 WPM, and the average adult can type nearly 50 WPM.