Computer Parts


Do you know all the parts of your computer?


The monitor is the part of the computer that looks like a TV and shows you information.

The monitor can also be referred to as the display or the screen.







The part of your computer that does all the work or all of the "thinking".

The tower is the home of all of the drives - the hard drive, CD/DVD drive, etc.

Sometimes we just call this "the computer", because without this, none of the other parts would work!




A mouse is used to control the pointer or cursor on the display screen. The pointer is used to select icons, open programs, and more.








The keyboard is the set of buttons or keys that allow you to enter information into the computer.





Headphones allow us to hear sounds coming from inside of the computer. By wearing our headphones, we can focus on just the sounds coming from our own computer and not on anyone elses!









A printer is a device that prints text or images on paper.







Mouse pads are used to help contol the mouse. Without them, it can be hard to control where the pointer or cursor move on the monitor.